Amber374Amber Adeline
specializes in contemporary performance practice. Amber’s current interests includes movement, sound, film, documentary, and educational theatre. She has served as a teaching artist and fosters the arts as an educational practice for youth and people of all ages. She has created theatre and performance in the USA, London, Spain, Italy, and Iceland. From large-scale multi-media performance installations, immersive and site-specific performance, experimental physically devised theatre, to one-on-one process as performance. Her current work focuses on physical ensemble practice as it intersects with film and filmic narrative, placing the artistry of the performer at the forefront of her inquiries. Amber uses time, space and archives of memory as process and material, her methods of making serve as an invocation of place, voice and movement, where past meets labor present. Amber aims to create a collaborative environment that welcomes artists and audience into a process of discovery and exchange. Amber questions how to poetically respond to the architectural presence and social history of the sites she visits. Through the performer’s physical engagement with a community, the sites within that community, and the sensory exploration of the body, Amber engages with memory, reason and imagination.

How does making participate in the remembering and reconciliation of embodied knowledge? Where do live, tactile, visceral, one-on-one experiences thrive within and around us? The influence of multi-disciplinary, collaborative, ensemble processes inspires research in form, where sculpture illuminates the process of filmmaking and filmmaking highlights the space within a poem. How do I prepare a space as a central focus for work that welcomes the imagination and movement of the performer and the viewer?

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Born in Elko, Nevada in 1984 as a six generation decedent of the expansion across the American West and the colonization of Nevada, Amber’s experiential knowledge researching her western origins and the diverse artistic international communities on her journey as an emerging artist exceeds any scholarly training she has earned. All the same, Amber Adeline received an associates equivalent from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy NYC in Performance Art in 2006 and a BFA in Theatre Performance with a concentration in Women’s Studies Magna Cum Laude from Kean University in 2012 and recently completed her MA in Collaborative Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martins|University of the Arts London. In recent years Amber co-created an Immersive Science Fiction Theatre Company, The Fiddler’s Green, with Nayantara Kotian, a well known film director from Bombay, India. The Fiddler’s Green was part of an artist’s residency at Theatre Delicatessen’s Spaced 2014 Souk Festival in London. Nayantara has taken the concepts of immersive science fiction theatre further in India, continuing the development of Bliss of Solitude with her new company Crow. Amber also co-created Casual Sisters Productions with 15 other cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary artists in Jerez, Spain in March 2014. More importantly, Amber found and filled a house in Archway, London with five nearly homeless international student artists due to the poor planning of educational institutions and their failed accommodation commitments to overseas students during the 2013/14 academic term. This has sparked a desire to challenge the institutional models present in higher education and evaluate the care and cultivation of the artist and their sustainability within the communities they generate work.  Thus began her move to Ashfield, MA to pursue an education via the community there followed by an exodus west to her hometown of Spring Creek, Nevada.

Amber recently began researching ensemble practice as process and asking herself, “What does it mean to re-wild one’s self?” as a core ensemble member of Children of the Wild in residence at Double Edge Theatre‘s Farm Center for international collaboration, performance and training.  While developing this practice Amber also worked as an Advanced Immersion student at Double Edge since 2014 as part of her independent study at UAL. Amber arrived at Double Edge via their training programs in 2013. Double Edge Theatre fostered a rebellious energy that propelled her work with Hrefna Lind at the first SagaFest in Iceland 2015, to generate original work in collaboration with Hrefna and musician Shayfer James (long time friend and collaborator) in London. Amber’s training at Double Edge inspired her to embark on an extended adventure to the American West where she could dig up her roots, question indigenous history, and begin the documentation process of a weary traveler lost in a vast archive of forgotten stories including that of her Grandma.

Amber is currently seeking representation. New residency opportunities for herself, her comrades and multi-disciplinary collaborators are always welcome to exchange. Contact her if you would like her to lead a workshop on multi-disciplinary ensemble practice or theatre history and script development in your community.

Please enjoy my website and contact me anytime. Find my CV/Resume here.

Best Wishes,

Amber Adeline