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WastelandsProject : Children of the Wild : Ensemble in Residence Double Edge Theatre

www.childrenofthewild.org and www.doubleedgetheatre.org

We begin traveling with our post-apocalyptic opera, The Wastelands, this May arriving to communities from Buffalo to Minneapolis. Please, follow us, join us, make art with us, share your story.

For collaboration inquiries, housing offers as we travel the Great Lakes, or sponsorship please visit our website and/or email us: childrenofthewildensemble@gmail.com

SagaFest : Iceland : 2016 Artist Residency

Icelandic performance artist, Hrefna Lind, and I are part of an ongoing international collaboration process.  I collaborated with her on The Tea Tree at SagaFest 2015. SagaFest continues as a Saga Movement. I grew a deeper passion for the mission of artistic engagement with the environment and preservation of the highlands in Iceland since last year’s festival. Learn more about the highlands at The Heart of Iceland. Our ongoing work continues to feature other guest artists which has included the performance artist Rachel Reese (pictured below) and musician Shayfer James who recently released his newest EP which was a catalyst for most of my individual work.

forgotten objects.traveling EXPANSE.

video coming soon…

This is an individual research practice on space and place, labyrinths, archives of memory and performance, Indigenous History of the United States, my western heritage as it relates to my Grandma Millie as well as the names Adeline, Reava/Rivet, and Ogden, and the themes found within the music of Shayfer James as a guide. Listen to his new EP here. I continue to question multi-generational and diverse story and exchange.

Seeking continued engagement with filmmakers, photographers, digital media artists, musicians, and installation artists interested in narrative environments.