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Inteatro Pulverigi, Italy in February and March of 2015 hosted a series of site specific performance art pieces with 15 multi-disciplinary artists from around the world under the choreography and mentorship of Athina Vahla. Europe’s Erasmus program made this opportunity possible through Central Saint Martins. Athina was very inspiring and serves as a Senior Lecturer in Choreography and Physical Theatre at the Drama Department of Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Inteatro Pulverigi has housed many international artists since 1977, emphasizing experimentation and multi-disciplinary work. Here is a video of their work over the years.

While we did not develop our work during the festival, my collaborators and I were able to research and experiment with the history of the festival resonating in our found site. My collaborators Bethany Sumner, Andi Chu and I found the Teatro Della Luna and re-imagined the site for its past, present and future. Each of us researched via our own interests in filmmaking, photography, movement, and installation.