‘The Bliss of Solitude’, Written and directed by Nayantara Kotian|co-direction, dramaturgy, community engagement, voice by Amber Adeline|sound design and installation by Katia Reshetnikova

The Bliss of Solitude|A Fiddler’s Green Production|Commissioned as part of the SPACED 2014, a Theatre Souk of immersive theatre curated by Theatre Delicatessen|design supported in collaboration with Computer Aid International| 2014

Here is a link and a review with more information about the Souk Festival and an incredible photo gallery of all the companies and artists in residence at the time: SPACED 2014

“Extraordinary odyssey through modern drama… If you get a chance, attend it, and look out for any new work from what are by now certainly one of the most exciting theatre companies in London.”
-Remote Goat (for Theatre Souk)

Fiddler’s Green took up a basement room in the old BBC TV studios where the set designer, Maurizio Viccaro teamed up with Computer Aid International to line the space with discarded keyboards. Reshetnikova used many elements of live sound installation through discarded technology and a dynamic slinky sound installation. Amber has collaborated with Reshetnikova on her other interactive performance experiments or sound gestures while at Central Saint Martins.

Below is a description of The Bliss of Solitude, reviews, and photos are courtesy of Kotian and Reshetnikova:

In a dystopian world far in the future, the surface of the Earth has been rendered uninhabitable. Mankind lives deep underground and is wholly dependent on an artificial intelligence called Techa for it’s survival. However Techa is now failing…The Bliss of Solitude looks at the final moments of the last man on Earth and his increasingly desperate attempts to battle loneliness.

The set was beautiful. We walked on a carpet of computer keyboards to watch a one man show set in an alternate reality… Overall, it was a touching and lovely portrayal of loneliness and a reminder of the many different ways a person can experience it.
Read the review here

‘The Bliss of Solitude is one of those rare things, a truly innovative play. In it’s short span it not only gives much food for thought but touches the heart. It is like a beautiful, perfectly formed object which draws the viewer willingly into its world and invites them to linger there. Effectively simple and simply effective, it nevertheless packs an enormous punch. I cannot recommend The Bliss of Solitude highly enough.’
– Jon Campbell, Founder/ Director, White Space Film Productions

They had me at “sci-fi theatre company”.
Read the review here

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