Directed by: Geraldine Pilgrim

performer, vocalist, asst. direction, design volunteer: Amber Adeline

Artsadmin commission|produced with Spitalfields Music Winter Festival and Toynbee Hall|2013

Fragments of other lives and times revealed through a site-specific journey. TOYNBEE was a site-specific performance installation in December 2013 that journeyed across the historic site of Toynbee Hall and Studios. A dynamic centre of social, political and artistic activity since 1884, TOYNBEE created dialogues between its past and future within a landscape of music, image and performance. Traces of lives were glimpsed in corners and windows, while footsteps echoed to the sound of the different voices of the contemporary East End.

Photographs and text courtesy Geraldine Pilgrim and Hugo Glendinning.

“Toynbee Hall is the most important building in Britain as far as I’m concerned.” -Geraldine Pilgrim

Full article here: East End Review

“The common denominator is the building itself. Toynbee Hall was created in 1884 as an educational centre for young men and women from disadvantaged social backgrounds, and it remains a community centre that endeavours to reduce poverty in London’s East End.

Stories of young people pursuing artistic projects lie at the heart of this performance. It’s much more than just watching series of people practicing dance moves or violins, though. Describing the scenes in detail would spoil their magic (…)It’s a mysterious world, but the performance still builds a coherent whole and paints an image of a historic building that has shaped many residents’ lives.

One of the greatest strengths of the performance is how it brings its audiences into unusual spaces in an unusual form. It’s an experience that is, at times, quite unsettling and raises many questions about the audience’s role in experiencing the evening. We suddenly find ourselves onstage with the roles reversed and the spotlight on us. At the same time however, we’ve broken into a world that isn’t ours and that is as silent and still as a photograph.” -Everything Theatre UK

Full article here: Toynbee: Fragments of Other Lives and Times-Toynbee Studios Review

Toynbee Hall, East End London via www.jamesadamspapers.org

Toynbee Hall, East End London via http://www.jamesadamspapers.org